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March 25,2020 

RRFN’s is still in a state of emergency due to the health risks to our members of COVID 19. We will continue implementing our council endorsed pandemic plan for the community. I am EXTREMELY happy to report that we have zero reported cases of COVID 19 in RRFN’s!

I applaud our staff and community members for their hard work and for following all the guidelines to flatten the curve of this virus.

We will be delivering more food to our on reserve households late next week. As well, the solar payment will be dated April 1, and will be mailed out to all our members to insure we follow the social distancing guidelines. We are also looking for solutions to expedite the solar payment to our off reserve members living outside of Canada.

Please be patient. We are doing our very best. We realize these are unprecedented times and we are adapting as quickly as we can.

I strongly urge all our members to be vigilant in following the social distancing recommendations to flatten the curve and spread of COVID19. Enjoy this time with your children.

Be safe. Be strong.

Chi Miigwech

Chief Robin McGinnis

Rainy River First Nations

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