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Audit Presentation Postponed – Nov. 2018

RRFNs Custom Election Code – Nov 6.2018.Final

RRFNs.Membership Code.Nov 6 2018 FINAL

Audit Presentation – Nov.2018

RRFNs Membership & Election Code Ratification Mail Out Package – Nov.2018

Rental Housing Arrears Action Plan – Oct.2018

Rental Housing Arrears Accounts Receivables Accounts – Oct.2018

Community Notice – Membership and Election Code – Oct.2018

RRFNs Draft Custome Election Code – September 2018

Executive Summary – RRFNs Election Code – September 2018

RRFNs Draft Membership Code – September 2018

Q&A – RRFNs Draft Membership Code – September 2018

Press release – May 2017 – Canada, Ontario and Rainy River First Nations announce new reserve creation.

Sturgeon being reintroduced by two First Nation communities in Ontario

Heritage Fund Per Capita Report – January 2017

Thunder Bay police face allegations of ‘systemic’ racism

Trust Fund Information May 16


RRFN Solar Project Videos




Signing Ceremony IBA – New Gold Rainy River First Nations Naicatchewenin First Nation



Rainy River First Nations Solar 1 Limited Partnership, Rainy River Rainy River First Nations Solar 2 Limited Partnership and Rainy River First Nations Solar 3 Limited Partnership (“Project Partnerships”) entered into?power purchase contracts with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA)?in connection the OPA’s Feed- in – Tariff program. In accordance with the terms of those contracts each of the Project Partnerships made application to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) for a generator license. In accordance with a letter of direction from?the OEB we are posting the Notice of Application related to those applications. Please direct any inquiries you may have in accordance with the Notice of Application.




Solar Project Information

Solar Project Press Release


Rainy River First Nations Two Year Strategic Plan