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Kiley Shebagegit
Lands and Natural Resources Coordinator
(807) 482-2479 ex.#237

Rainy River First Nations Watershed Program

In the mid-1980s, after witnessing nearly a century of abuse followed by a few years of improving water quality in the Rainy River, our Elders and other community members decided to reappropriate their stewardship role. In 1998, we established the Watershed Program and eventually expanded our ecological projects off the reserve into our traditional territory-the Rainy River Watershed-both in Canada and the United States (128 km by 64 km; 80 miles by 40 miles).

The Rainy River Watershed Program aims to:

  1. Increase public awareness to promote involvement in the protection, conservation, and revitalization of the Rainy River watershed
  2. Monitor and inventory potential impacts to the Rainy River watershed
  3. Rehabilitate areas of concern.

We meet these objectives by adopting a watershed approach to environmental protection. In other words, we adopt a comprehensive ecosystem approach that considers all threats to the watershed. We are also committed to using traditional ecological knowledge and values in combination with current natural resource management techniques to enhance and sustain aquatic resources in the Rainy River and its tributaries.


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