Program Description:

Land Purchase Program Description


Nicole Cochrane
Land Claim Coordinator
(807) 482-2479 ext.#235

Land Purchase Committee Members:RRFN-RapidsSummer

  • Albert Hunter Jr.
  • Joe Medicine
  • Dorothy Medicine
  • Agnes Grover

Rainy River First Nations Land Purchase Strategy

  1. Purchase properties to expand reserve
  2. Identify and place in priority, sacred and cultural sites on former reserve lands
  3. Purchase strategic properties of increasing value or economic gain consistent with economic and business goals

Rainy River First Nations Crown Selection Lands:

KHC-Winter4Several band members were employed surveying these lands and the ground work for the survey has been completed. Survey plans are being produced, reviewed, and corrected.  After all parties are satisfied the plans will be registered in 2008.  The legal and parliamentary process can then take place to transfer the lands from Ontario to the Federal Government then to Rainy River First Nations.

  • Hay Bay – Splitrock Bay area on Lake of the Woods is 9,219 acres.
  • Gates Ajar area on Pipestone Lake is 719 acres.
  • Sphene Lake area north of Rainy Lake is 3,750 acres.
  • Crown Land Blocks near Manitou Rapids is 1,289 acres.

Rainy River Islands at Manitou Rapids and Long Sault is 13 acres.


June 2015 AGM Land Purchase Report

Press Release:

Press release – May 2017 – Canada, Ontario and Rainy River First Nations announce new reserve creation.