E-Transfers for Rent Payments

Good news!!!!  Rainy River First Nations is now set up to receive rent payments thru E-Transfers!!

Please tell clients to use email address:   payments@manitourapids.ca

We are set up for “auto deposit”, so no password is needed.

Calls for Tender:

None at this time.

Program Description:

Housing Program Description


Wayne Strachan
Public Works Manager
(807) 482-2479 ext.#253

Kyle Kellar
Public Works Coordinator
(807) 482-2479 ext.#222

Rental Housing Arrears Notice – Jan.2019

RRFNs РReceivables РMarch-31-2016 - RENTS RECEIVABLE (Pg. 5 & 6)

Housing Application and Approval Procedure:

Housing Application Form


Rainy River First Nations Housing Policy, and Rental Arrears Policy

Rental Housing Arrears Action Plan – Oct.2018

Rental Housing Arrears Accounts Receivables Accounts – Oct.2018

Rental Arrears Policy

Off Reserve Housing Renovation Application:

Off-Reserve Home Renovation Program Application – Closed for Fiscal Year