Rainy River First Nations

A message from Chief Rob McGinnis

On behalf of the Council & community of Rainy River First Nations, welcome to the RRFN-RapidsSummerOfficial Web Site of Rainy River First Nations.  Our community, also known as Manitou Rapids, has a long and storied history shared by our ancestors who lived upon the shores of the Rainy River from the mouth of Rainy Lake to the east, to the mouth of Lake of the Woods to the west. Whether or not you are a member of our community or nation, we invite you to explore some of which we have to offer in these pages. While they offer only glimpses of our community, our spirit, and our determination, we invite you to visit us anytime so that we might share a fuller experience together. Sincerely Chief Robin McGinnis


In 1997, the Chief and Council formally adopted a mission statement, philosophy and beliefs which provided a collective expectations for the leadership and staff to pursue in managing the organization. The mission statement, philosophy statement, and statement of beliefs guides the leadership, management, and staff in their daily operations and forms the basis of their relationships with the membership, other First Nations and organizations, external governments, businesses and other associations.


Band OfficceRainy River First Nations will act as a leader in the establishment of self-sufficiency and self-government for its membership. In addition, Rainy River First Nations will serve the needs of the community without limitation and provide assistance however possible. Our ultimate objective is to assist in the development of the community to its greatest potential with or for the members of the Rainy River First Nations.


Rainy River First Nations recognizes the challenge ahead and will facilitate resources to overcome obstacles. Self-sufficiency and self-government can be achieved by working together. We must respect our Elders, we must believe in our youth and most of all we must believe in ourselves, as we will be the ones to determine our future. Rainy River First Nations will succeed through dedication, belief and the will of the members to take the challenge to be self-sufficient and self-governing.


PowWowRainy River First Nations believes that the members of the chief and council and staff must commit themselves to the community members. The chief and council and staff must at all times maintain close relationships with the community members by making regular home visits in order to listen and acknowledge the issues and concerns of the members they served. Rainy River First Nations believes that the organization must develop and promote the community ownership of the First Nation by the membership and the staff. Rainy River First Nations believes that the organization reflect traditional values in all aspects and its direction by: respecting and recognizing the membership’s needs, growth and autonomy; respecting and developing trust among all stakeholders; respecting nature and each other; and respecting the spiritual beliefs of each individual. Rainy River First Nations believes that as First Nations we must work together as united people to be successful in achieving our common goals. Rainy River First Nations believes that we as First Nations members are the one and only people, who can determine our future and prepare a path that will bring prosperity and progress to the community, which will assist our First Nation to be self-sufficient and self-governing. Rainy River First Nations believe that we must support other First Nations and affiliated organizations as they are important to the growth of our community. Rainy River First Nations believe that the organization at all times must support the needs of the community members to get jobs, long term security and to live in a community that is safe and healthy in order to bring our children and grandchildren to a high standard of living. Rainy River First Nations is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and treatment for all members and employees. Accordingly, the organization is committed to providing an environment where the dignity, well being, and positive growth of individuals is respected and preserved. Sexual harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated by the Rainy River First Nations and its organizations.